so like...sustainable mining. can it be done? is it even worth looking into or is it just a hard no

@tulsi but is that sustainable either? and what about the byproducts, because asteroids aren't made of 100% metal? how much energy would that take, and what about the ingredients that make up the device that would mine?

@soontobe I mean if we figure out sustainable space travel. Depending on what's being mined the materials for self-replicating bots could be present. Solar could power it. I said asteroids because I personally am not worried about polluting asteroids with byproducts as they do not support life.

@soontobe or maybe technologiea like biocomputing will take off and we can remove the need for so much metal. Long term if the human race keeps consuming nonrenewable resources we'll have to turn to extraterrestrial sources.

@tulsi too many questions, not enough answers that can be applied right now

@soontobe yeah I'm more concerned with arriving at a human society that isn't on the brink of collapse due to war and poverty.

@tulsi but like, without a political rapture, how can anything change? hhhhh nervous

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