Ranting about composting and bokashi 

Okay, rant time, because I am fed up!

Whenever I bring up my compost project, there’s always one group of people I have to face, and it’s people who DON’T. LISTEN. when I say bokashi isn’t currently an option for me for multiple reasons, none of which I’m obliged to share to anyone. I know bokashi works wonderfully for large bunch of people, and that’s frigging great, but some of them act almost religiously, like they are trying to convert people to it.

So far my compost, no matter how unconventional it is, works wonderfully, so WHY CAN’T PEOPLE STOP TRYING TO TALK ME OUT OF IT?!

Yes, I know it’s at least partially, because some people think they should make people try something they think is wonderful, without realizing that odds are, it won’t work for everybody and they refuse to think that it’s okay.

Ranting about composting and bokashi 

@solitarysolarpunk bokashi-religion? I got asked today if I knew about worm-composting. I said I do, but that it does not work with my current setup. That was accepted :) It was probably no worm-missionary ;)

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