Dual Power 

Hey all, in case you hadn't heard, is going to be having a series of webinars about dual power coming up. First one is on Monday, August 24th, 2020: symbiosis-revolution.org/dual-


"London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman's Democratic Monument is a proposal for town halls around the UK that would feature bright tiles and a diverse mix of architectural styles.

As civic buildings, Democratic Monuments would be brightly-coloured combinations of styles and materials, reflecting the unique combinations of communities that make up different cities around the country."


Decolonial Methods for Creating Social, Solidarity, and Non-Hierarchical Economics

Application deadline: May 15, 2020

Actual event: June 15-17th (online)


covid19 ; tenant rights 

Here's some info on tenant rights here in . I think a lot of this is also relevant to other areas.


COVID-19, Aid, Charlottesville 

In the off chance someone else here is in , The Charlottesville Community Care Team is organizing micro grants of $200 to help people make ends meet. If you can donate, links are in the image. I'm tagging @OCRbot , so hopefully they'll be in the comments as well.


cars; camping 

"It's perfect for TreeHugger types who believe in sufficiency (how much do you really need?) and like slow travel, taking your time to take it all in: it's the Electro Frosch, or Electric Frog, a three-wheeled electric pickup truck that has been modified into a camper."


Plants; concrete 

"Spanish researchers have developed a porous, acidic concrete that acts almost like soil for moss, lichen, fungi and other drought-tolerant vegetation."


Street art; US pol; Charlottesville 

Some stuff from in . More to come later, I hope.

Political theory; fascism; subtooting another platform 

I don't even know what to do with this person. Probably time to just walk away and stop feeding the trolls?


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Pronouns and gender 

Excited that MultiverseCon has preferred pronoun buttons to go with our badges!

There are buttons for "She/Her," "They/Them," "He/Him," and "Ask Me." Here are mine:


“Young people don’t realize that there are big, powerful, multi-billion dollar co-ops all around them, and if we don’t participate in that legacy, we can’t build upon it,” says Schneider. “Reigniting those older co-ops is a way of igniting the possibility of younger ones.”

New toolkit aims to inform and empower Rural Electric Cooperative member-owners shareable.net/new-toolkit-aims

Bikes; gender 

Mixte's are the non-binary bike. This means they're the best.

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