@solarpunkgnome wow...I had some vague idea people were doing something environmental in Kurdistan but didn't realise the extent!

Is there more info on this somewhere?

@solarpunkgnome @badrihippo I don't think that was me, I've never posted that link in particular (but maybe you got to it through my posts about Operation Watered Sprout?)

At any rate, Rojava is more than just "something environmental in Kurdistan" - it's also a nonhierarchical, cooperative, feminist, antifascist (and thus anti-ISIL) experiment based on Bookchin's philosophies, and it's dope as fuck!

@socalledunitedstates @badrihippo

Yeah, I think it might've been from Operation Watered Sprout. I ended up there anyway from some of the municipalist links you shared.

@solarpunkgnome yup, and thanks!

@socalledunitedstates yes, I realise now that it's much more than "something environmental in Kurdistan"—that was the only vague impression I'd heard earlier but I now see there's *much* more to it than that.

So, thanks for sharing 🙂

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