The Case for Getting Rid of Borders—Completely

No defensible moral framework regards foreigners as less deserving of rights than people born in the right place at the right time.

@solarpunkgnome interesting, but what of the borders for indigenous and aboriginal peoples?

@Bashabez5 @solarpunkgnome what of them? Borders are borders, states are states, imo nothing about indigenous/aboriginal peoples makes the situation any different.

@popefucker @solarpunkgnome colonizers entering tribal communities freely / allowing them to buy/steal protected lands afforded to us after the genocide of our peoples seems to make the situation a tad different. The whitewashing that'd come with sovereign native nations becoming open borders would literally result in the extinction of whats left of our history, heritage and culture. Amazonian tribes becoming flooded with strip malls ain't my cup of tea.

@Bashabez5 @solarpunkgnome it's not like those borders have ever been respected by colonizers.

With a lack of borders comes a lack of state authority. If you want to keep people from building strip malls, prevent them from building strip malls, but you don't need borders or states to do that if there isn't (for instance) the American government sending in troops to protect the construction site. Capitalism doesn't just emerge, it is enforced. Erase the methods of enforcement, don't just replace them.

@popefucker Okay, so is your point "eh its bad already and people dont respect them as is, so oh well, just remove em altogether?" To remove borders before the complete removal of capitalism would be fucking absurd and communities/sovereign nations comprised mainly of POC, especially tribal nations would be exploited much harsher than they are today, to the possible point of decimation. To think otherwise would be ludicrous.

@Bashabez5 right, I'm saying remove borders and capitalism, can't keep them around.

@Bashabez5 we've already seen the failures of state socialism, which kept around borders but tried to remove capitalism inside of them. Turns out to lead to much of the same. I don't think you can break capitalism without breaking states and vice-versa.

@solarpunkgnome Borders should be as irrelevant to labor as they are to capital. Let people vote with their feet.

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