Working in a hardware store has really shown me how much we need

We have a whole wall of sockets for socket wrenches, around two dozen imperial and two dozen metric, and the differences between them are so minuscule that people have no choice but to bring the thing in and just keep trying sockets until one fits. And that's not even mentioning the whole aisle of different screws and nails. 90% of this stuff could just not exist, since they serve the exact same purpose as the other 10%

The solution is standardized, open-source . If you're one of the heroes building the new world (aka ) please make it a world that works with OpenStructures

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:


I emailed them a little while ago and they said they're hoping to have .STLs up on the new version of their database for 3D printable objects. It's a bit fiddly to replicate things from it ATM.

Yeah, that's how I found out about it originally, I think. Low Tech Magazine introduced me to solarpunk too.

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