As St. Valentine is the patron saint of bees, here are some fluffy lil bees for your feed. (I know bees scare some people so thus the cw.)


@solarpunkagorism I had no idea bees scare people - thanks - TIL, I’ll use a cw next time I post bee pics!


@whakkee I've not heard that as like, a legit phobia, but I knew someone in college who was terrified of them. So I figured I'd put one up just in case.


@solarpunkagorism that makes sense, and it’s a kind gesture

bees, St. Valentine mention 

Toot above this one from @solarpunkagorism has some adorable bees for y'all 💛 🐝 🖤

Wait, is he? Why? I've searched a bit on he internet and found nothing about him.

The bees are pretty, though 😁

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