To understand how agorists organize, we must look at two forms of markets. I (personally) call these spider markets and ant markets.

The spider market is the statist market. It is comprised of one or more massive, all-controlling organization, which is connected to a several slightly smaller powerful organizations, and so on. The hierarchy in this market is not really voluntary, as right-libertarians claim, due to the lack of all choices that would be present without the state. People generally do not like being bossed around.

An ant market is a stateless market. Ants, contrary to popular thought, operate not in a distinctly democratic fashion as syndicalists and communists promote, or monarchist, as many think they do, but quite independently and without hierarchy. Each operator in an ant market is self-sufficient, yet fully connected to all available choices, free or otherwise, and able to organize as they please.

@GreenandBlack Sorry if it came off like a textbook, that's just how I write when I'm tired

@GreenandBlack state is 1st, agorist is like a hybrid of 2nd and 3rd - some co-ops (bigger circle) and some individuals (smaller circle), but all in an agorist market are both independent and interconnected.

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