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"the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York, created a comprehensive set of co-op startup guides. The guides cover internal management like committees and community building, office tools, legal tips, finance and fundraising information, and even information on the best ways co-ops can publicize themselves and find their audience. "

The Center for Family Life launches co-op startup guides

My grandma told me that although her mom was Geechee and her dad was Seminole, the world told them they were just black so that's how they moved. There's so much that's lost because of white supremacy. Whenever I think about it, I think about all the languages and culture they carried that disappeared with that generation. It fills me with so much loss.

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"What if this climate crisis is a reflection of widespread and unresolved complex cultural traumatic stress? A visceral disconnection with the landscape of the body and the greater Earth body. A severed critical attachment with our more-than-human community. An intergenerational moral injury of colossal implications. A looped pattern of shared disembodied dissociation."

"The trauma of western culture and the crisis of climate change"

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Mutual aid; climate disaster 

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@softgirlsmatter fuck... 😂

“We’ve given our power over to an entity that doesn’t deserve our power,” she added, referencing the modern corporate industrial system. “We must take back that empowerment of self. We must take back our own health care. We must take back our own food. We must take back our families. We must take back our environment. Because you see what’s happening. We gave the power to an entity, and the entity is destroying our world around us.”

"I tell people that our first act of sovereignty is planting food,” Allard said. “Our first act is taking care of self. So no matter what we do, if we’re not taking care of self, we’ve already failed.”

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Excellent article put out by Global Justice Now about the white saviour complex surrounding how people have reacted to the destruction of the amazon.

"It is this implication, that the Amazon rainforest is somehow the collective property of everyone, which reveals a startling colonial tendency in responses to climate crisis. In these narratives, indigenous communities are either erased, represented without agency, or as essentialised guardians of the forest."

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We're starting up a GoFundMe to help my roommate, who was picked up and detained by #ICE yesterday. Regardless of the legal outcome of his case, we need to make sure this guy has the resources to survive whatever happens.
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So im looking to write up a short guide for people wanting to live a more solarpunk life whilst living in city apartments (so very limited access to garden/green spaces)

I'd really appreciate ideas or things people have already done.

And I'm trying to avoid "buy an x" recommendations

I think I need a solid day to get the swing of things but so far I don't get instances. Can someone explain! Why have different accounts for different instances?

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re: Resources on African Spirituality 

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time anxiety, pop psychology, tips 

A podcast I definitely recommend is For The Wild. The interviewer has a great way of pushing the interviewee's to address colonialism (if they already haven't) when talking about environmental justice and it always addresses white supremacy in the ones I've listened to.

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Resources on African Spirituality. 

Hi my name's bb (bee-b) or just bee. I'm looking forward to building community and learning. With that being said, please don't ask me if that's my real name or give unsolicited advice. My two main requests.

Everything I do and am revolves around decolonization, community, and reproductive justice. I'm a midwife to be, rootworker, and lesbian. There are other things but that's mainly it.

What upsets me about the movement is how dominated it is by white and upper class people.

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Climate Struggle means supporting Indigineous Struggle 

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a Libertarian Socialist solarpunk instance. It is ran democratically by a cooperative of like-minded individuals.