the thing about trauma is how do we heal when the pain isn't confined to the past? how do we move forward when harm is still being inflicted. There is literally no "post-traumatic" for colonized people.

discussion of mental illness 

There's this article where the Palestinian head of mental health services says PTSD is a Western concept because for Palestinians there is no 'post'. The trauma is ongoing and repetitive and that's the thing about colonial trauma. It exists outside Western definitions because proper treatment would require destruction of the system and a less individualistic approach to treatment.

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discussion of mental illness 

@softgirlsmatter This is interesting. Do u mean individualism? I thought u might mean less individualized treatment. Its good to be respectful of someones boundaries but not probe them for vulnerabilities.


discussion of mental illness 

@djenderesensjuelist I mean that we need to look at trauma hollistically and acknowledge the role culture plays in causing trauma and stress.

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