Hi my name's bb (bee-b) or just bee. I'm looking forward to building community and learning. With that being said, please don't ask me if that's my real name or give unsolicited advice. My two main requests.

Everything I do and am revolves around decolonization, community, and reproductive justice. I'm a midwife to be, rootworker, and lesbian. There are other things but that's mainly it.

Welcome to SBC! :flow:
In case you don't already know, Sunbeam City runs as a co-operative, meaning if you want to get involved in how we run and what services we provide, you're more than welcome. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy your new home! 💚

@softgirlsmatter omg the history of global reproductive justice & history is fascinating :blobfistbumpL: :blobfistbumpR: . I used to study the effect of the Vatican´s transition to more neoliberal policy regarding women´s bodies, how it changed women’s place in medical history and its impact on indigenous women and cultures. You are also unbearably purdy :blobcatsurprised: :heart_hands:

@denikombucha !!!!!! Could you possibly direct me to some ressources on the topic? Also that's sweet of you. Thank you :blobcatmeltlove:


It’s a really fascinating look on how much Vatican policy changed after their transition to Original Sin centered teaching and the domino effect it had on women’s place in the medical community. midwives being pushed out and invalidated in favor of male dominated hospitals, and this newer totalitarian view of reproductive rights influence in the colonies.

@denikombucha I'm so excited. I've been looking for more history surrounding the suppression of midwives. Thank you so much. (Also I love your presidential campaign lmao 😂)

Thanks! It's by Geneva B/gdbee. She has a lot of soft girl art.

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