What upsets me about the movement is how dominated it is by white and upper class people.

"And here's how to save in your electricity bill! Install these solar cells ..."

Me: Can I install some -
Landlord: NO.

@rick_777 @softgirlsmatter I’ve found that often with small changes they won’t see right away, just do it and ask forgiveness later. My last apartment has yet to comment on the hand towel hook I installed in the bathroom or the carbon monoxide alarm in the hallway. New one didn’t protest when I put new locks on the door and I didn’t tell them I installed a door frame reinforcement kit.

@softgirlsmatter unfortunately a lot of intentional lifestyles - from healthy living to privacy to ethics etc - require you to have extra money to pay the premium. That’s why Walmart is cheaper than your local grocery store.

@softgirlsmatter Yeah, it's like 'sustainability' has been coopeted and branded as a 'lifestyle' along with chai, yoga pants and minimalism. Not that those things are bad, but as long as you can market it, it distracts people from the real messages of Deep Ecology and anti-consumerism.

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