Bending the rules of a little but this was sent to my by a lovely artist I know who wanted me to post it on their behalf so they remain anonymous :blocblob:


"I made a free store on wheels!! We (me, my fiance and a friend) went around handing out free food (apples, oranges and bagels with vegan butter), we helped feed 27 people today !"

Not sure what the fuck happened here. And @Tusky crashes when I scroll down to this part of my notification feed too

all the other kids on the bus the moment you pull out a stick of gum


lewd equipment 

kink, unclothed butt (cute, spanked) posted with permission from its owner 

scantily clothed butt (cute) posted with permission from its owner 

As promised, I donated all of the money that I didn't use to the Kurdish Red Crescent. Here's proof just so no one's worried about their money

Thank you to everyone who donated, I'm really grateful that I could get through the week thanks to y'all

You can donate directly to the Kurdish Red Crescent, and support the defense of , through their website at

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