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Casing the joint (uncaptioned) 

Big Marco, our giant marconi pepper plant, is quickly becoming one of my favorites. His peppers are *fantastic* for stuffing, and they have such a nice smokey peppery flavor, unlike bell peppers for example

I didn't even realize there was a toiletry share here too ;o;

I think this tub might've been here for a while, but I only noticed and opened it when I went to drop off food today

Whoever keeps putting these out is a comrade of mine for sure! ✊💕

Remember the community library at former Walli's that I posted about? Sometime last night, somebody added a community pantry to it! I've gotta go back tomorrow and contribute

We figured out what was bothering Joey! It's a bit embarrassing to admit because it's so obvious in hindsight lol

Her pot was right next to the AC unit, with several of her branches hanging right over the exhaust. All her leaves were being blasted with hot, dry air 24/7 - that's why she started looking so miserable right as summer started, and why nothing we tried worked

My roommates didn't believe me when I suggested it, but once we moved her she was immediately covered in new growth. Hopefully we get some avocados this year!

We stuffed all our homegrown peppers and they were unbelievable

Jalapeños, Hungarian yellow waxes, a few shishitos, 2 overripe serranos, and those big fellas are giant marconis. And this is only one of 2 sheets!

Thanks @lila for the stickers! I'm gonna put a few in strategic places around town and then give the rest to the Free Store's sticker bowl when they're up and running again ✊💕

praxis image, hostile architecture, text caption under CW 

me, standing outside at all times and chanting excitedly: MEL🍉ON🍉MEL🍉ON🍉MEL🍉ON🍉MEL🍉ON🍉

Since Sunbeam is sadly kind of falling apart, may I suggest to any instance admins that don't already have us silenced that you take the :greensun: emoji? As its creator (well, the one who came up with the idea, @scintillatinator did the actual drawing), I disavow it from the white nonsense Sunbeam turned into and hold that it still represents the hopeful and just ideals of

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