The Revolutionary Guild of Autonomous Artisans (RGAA)

"Our mission is to share skills and resources needed to minimize dependency on consumerism. We are a Guild for all Crafts, creating a network of practicing experts and beginning novices alike. To build a better political and ecological future, we freely share our knowledge and resources with each other placing new skills directly in the hands of working class individuals.

"Anyone who is interested in joining only needs to click on the following link - - and leave a message in the -member-vetting channel. Please be patient as it may be some time before I (or another moderator) will be online to upgrade you to full server access."

Source: ultraviolet-techno-ecology.tum

Yooo everybody please check out

Tons of super rad anticapitalist, anarchist, and queer art, lots of it made of salvaged and upcycled materials, all of it with sliding-scale pricing or for barter. Like this sweet solarpunk symbol patch they made me!

:boost_ok: !!!

Honestly, I think the toppling crown might be my favorite anarchist symbol, even though it's so so rarely used

It's just so packed with symbolism that the black flag and Ⓐ don't really have, while being just as simple. It's elegant. We should use it more

Anybody else wants to sabotage their workplace, this is all I did. Those metal prongs used to be straight, connecting to the stand and sending power into the phone. I just bent them a tiny bit so they don't slot in just right anymore, and a few days later the battery ran out

See it? No? That's what's so perfect about it

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reposting a (soft lewd) homomisic fash meme, but it's really fucking pathetic and inoffensive 

this is accurate thanks

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Happy 2nd anniversary to @rittle, who is definitely one of my top 3 favorite datemates!

But seriously, thank you for sticking with me for so long sweetheart. It's been a lot of fun so far. I love you so much 🥰

I just received the stickers I ordered from the Zapatistas!!! You can get your own, or a ton of other indigenous-made items, at ! It's an excellent cause!!! :black_bloc_blob:

Moved things around a tiny bit to make the Bullshit Jobs flyer prettier, I think this is the final version. This is free to print, hang, hand out, alter, share, anything you want! Please do - I want to get more people talking about this!

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Here's a quick mock-up of a "Bullshit Jobs" flyer (black and white to save on ink). The QR codes link to the full book on The Anarchist Library, and the Audible Anarchist recording of the paper through Invidious

Let me know your thoughts. I'm still tweaking it

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A wall was knocked down at an abandoned building along my drive to work, revealing a lot of fresh real estate. Some comrades beautified it almost immediately


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