streaming sites are so ubiquitous at this point and a lot of young people seem to think it's the only way to pirate media, and sometimes I wonder whether that's been planned somehow. It definitely benefits media companies to give piracy the image of being super shady and filled with intrusive ads and malware. And when you ask people how to do it safely the advice is "make sure you have an ad blocker and a script blocker and a flash blocker and a java blocker and put the site in a container tab in an incognito window and for fuck's sake do *not* go to any sites without a paid VPN service that costs more than a netflix subscription"

I mean it could just be web 2.0, an expectation for convenience and one-click solutions and an aversion to downloading anything that you could just run through your browser. It does seem a little too convenient though, considering how widespread this stuff is even among pirate communities

Anyway uTorrent is free and easy and safe y'all


It's a good post, but:

µTorrent during later years have been deep waters of ads and crypto-malware, so it's not really something folks should use anymore. It's also closed-source, so there's no transparency behind how the program works and acts.

If you're used to µTorrent, it's better to move over to qBittorent. It has the same features as µT and the same UX principles. It's also libré software.

@katnjia Wait how can a BitTorrent client be libre if BitTorrent is proprietary

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

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