Remember when technology people made Standards instead of Platforms

Email. IRC. SMS. HTML and shit. The fucking internet itself

Those things would never ever be made today. Instead they'd be shitty proprietary apps that probably only work on shitty proprietary hardware and can't be used by anyone without permission from the company that patented them

That's still kinda happening today? With stuff like dat and SSB and ActivityPub. But all of that is super super niche and technical and not at all accessible to the average user (with the exception of AP as of pretty recently). And it just sucks man, web 2.0 is bullshit

Man, I wonder if search engines could've been the same way. I'm no software boy so I can't conceive of how it would work, but if search engines were all open-source and privacy-respecting and ad-free from the start, instead of being monopolized by one horrifying megaconglomerate? Damn

@socalledunitedstates I don't tech good, but I remember having literally dozens of search engines in the 90s. I dunno how things got so wrong.

@socalledunitedstates (oh yah, it went wrong where it usually does: capitalist greed:blobhyperthink: )

@socalledunitedstates Some history:

When The Web was started, Tim Berners-Lee maintained a page linking to all the other websites. As The Web grow he started splitting the page up by topic, but he eventually he had to shut it down. Others took over listing their favourite sites within a particular category, though that has died down a lot since the emergence of search engines.

But I'm still doing it, because for a topic I'm interested I didn't find search engines good enough!

@socalledunitedstates Well you could take a look at #Yacy which tried to decentralise search. But it didn't succeed, maybe because of missing standards.

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