Honestly, I think the toppling crown might be my favorite anarchist symbol, even though it's so so rarely used

It's just so packed with symbolism that the black flag and Ⓐ don't really have, while being just as simple. It's elegant. We should use it more

rambling about anarchist symbolism, pt 1/2 

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rambling about anarchist symbolism, pt 2/2 

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rambling about anarchist symbolism, pt 2/2 

@charlag Oh well yeah, that image isn't the only acceptable version of it. People draw crowns as part of graffiti all the time, all you'd have to do is rotate that

@socalledunitedstates there's a great one on the front cover of to change everything

@scottishwobbly It's also the logo of It's Going Down. But I can't think of anywhere else I've seen it off the top of my head, unfortunately

@socalledunitedstates there's this :toppled_crown: but if you want a transparant background it'll have to be in a colour, as black, white and greys clash with UIs

@puffinus_puffinus That's not loading but I definitely don't want it in a box. I'm about to go to work but I guess if you need me to I can fix it for you when I get home

@socalledunitedstates sorry was just adding it, try now

if you don't like that, i'll change it now

@puffinus_puffinus Gold works, thanks! Sorry, it's just that emoji in solid boxes like that are the ugliest thing in the world lmao

@socalledunitedstates wait, this isnt a cute octopus or something?!

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