I've been saying for a while that the whole labor theory "every time someone gets a dollar they didn't work for, someone else works for a dollar they didn't get" narrative is outdated in the western neoliberal post-fordist world, and it's high time we switched our messaging over to Graeber's "Bullshit Jobs" narrative for our outreach

With the notable exception of foodservice, virtually *nobody* in so-called America is using their labor to turn raw materials into something more valuable. How much is my labor "worth" running a cash register? Doing inventory? Working in security? It's impossible to quantify, and "nothing at all" is a very valid answer

Most people have the exact opposite problem of thinking their work is worth more than they're paid. They think their work is worthless. We in the western world should speak to them, explain why that is, and tell them that a world without such meaningless work is possible

Might fuck around later and design a flyer around this idea

Here's a quick mock-up of a "Bullshit Jobs" flyer (black and white to save on ink). The QR codes link to the full book on The Anarchist Library, and the Audible Anarchist recording of the paper through Invidious

Let me know your thoughts. I'm still tweaking it

Moved things around a tiny bit to make the Bullshit Jobs flyer prettier, I think this is the final version. This is free to print, hang, hand out, alter, share, anything you want! Please do - I want to get more people talking about this!

@socalledunitedstates I'm excited for the final product and for posting it near my work. Just gotta remember where the cameras are >.>;;;

@socalledunitedstates who's the audience?

It seems quite densely packed with words for a casual handout

@socalledunitedstates sorry i really like the design, but if i may? the two adjacent qr codes makes it really hard to scan a specific one (at least for my app), and even to tell which one i've ended up with

@cosine Are you sure you're bringing your camera close enough? I've tried it myself multiple times, and I can't get it to scan the one I'm not pointing at, even if I intentionally do it sloppily

@socalledunitedstates i guess it's a matter of getting it close enough before my phone buzzes and displays a url that i'm not sure which it is, but i guess if i zoomed right to it. if it's working for you that's great! the c**soring thing is brilliant so

@socalledunitedstates I'd add an URL, if you've got an easily remembered domain handy - I can remember that if I were to see that in passing, whereas it might not be so easy to stop and scan the QR code without getting in the way.

@porsupah Nothing easy to remember, unfortunately. But "Bullshit Jobs" is an easily-searchable keyword

@socalledunitedstates @porsupah happy to put a 403 on like morphe.me/bullshit or tenuo.us/bullshit if you like

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