Wait I thought was more of a dailymotion/vimeo type deal why didn't anyone tell me it was an open-source alternative YT frontend

This is rad as fuck. There are even .onion instances - more than a couple! This will definitely make deleting google easier

While looking up what exactly Invidious is and getting my account setup, I have also fallen down a rabbit hole and discovered:

- PeerTubeify, a browser extension that redirects youtube videos to a PeerTube mirror, if there is one
- Privacy Redirect, a browser extension that redirects youtube videos to Invidious (for if there isn't a PeerTube mirror)
-MusicPiped, an Android music app that streams from youtube via Invidious, ad-free

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@socalledunitedstates Worth noting thar MusicPiped is based off of the NewPipe Extractor, which is itself part of NewPipe, which also has support for invidio.us links and plays them ad-free since that functionality is part of the extractor.

The Extractor also has support for SoundCloud, so if you listen to stuff over there, you can use NewPipe/MusicPiped for that too.

@KitsuneAlicia @socalledunitedstates

Good on you making all those discoveries, and thanks for sharing!

I also like #youtubeDL for 'just downloading' videos (note: works on way more sites than just youtube!)

#Alternatives #Frontend #YouTube

@socalledunitedstates I am sure you know this already, but the invidious dev is a far right/free speech asshat.
I guess that's another project to fork.

Newpipe is excellent (the player after you download stuff is not that useful, but still OK to use)

@kyzh Wtf, no I didn't know that. Why are right-libertarians Like That, like if you're gonna be a fuckhead at least be obvious about it instead of making things that look cool

It's incredibly hard to find info on Invidious (I had to look up the git page just to learn the bare basics of what it even does), so idk how relevant this is. Should I avoid it, or is the base code solid and agnostic enough that using a more trustworthy instance would be fine?

@socalledunitedstates I know nothing unfortunately.
Just that on some github issue is was fine with some fash on the basis of freespeach.

I'm kind of avoiding it, so I don't know much.

Maybe ask around to get a better understanding of the whole thing?

@kyzh @socalledunitedstates I believe you're referring to this issue: github.com/omarroth/invidious/. I would recommend reading it yourself if you have time.

As mentioned there are also other instances you can use: instances.invidio.us

@socalledunitedstates I can write a console version that downloads with ytdl and plays them with mplayer
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