I feel like it's long past time for a radical organization that represents the interests of the working class. Capitalism's hierarchy of productivity means that we are inevitably, unavoidably, and directly screwed over, regularly moving from job to job trying to find anything we can do and can bear - if we can even work. Yet our voices are so rarely heard in radical spheres

If you're neurodiverse and interested in organizing something like this, send a reply or DM. It's way too early for me to announce anything, so for now I'm just gauging support. If you're neurotypical, please boost

We've started a discord server to begin organizing neurodiverse lefties! This is just a first step to help us figure stuff out about where we go from here, and it's generally going to be informal and casual with no expectations put on any individual members for right now

DM me if you or a friend of yours would be interested in getting an invite link, and again, please boost this post and the one above!

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damn, I'm already busy with the trans organizing stuff, but I would SO support this

@genderlessmenace666 I can keep you updated if you want to contribute what you can if something starts up!

@socalledunitedstates ADHD here. And I don't see myself organizing ANYTHING. Or, at least, not well.

capitalism i guess 

@socalledunitedstates Hi, I'm up for this. I've been a supporter of universal basic income for a while - it'd mean that we don't need to waste so much energy frantically scrabbling to live, inevitably burning out and getting sick, and could instead do a job we love at a slower pace.

I'm also pretty neurodiverse, got dyspraxia and bpd, and suspected traits of autism & adhd.

@socalledunitedstates thanks!

edit: this just added a lot more people than it was supposed to, sorry. Still getting used to the app i'm using

@socalledunitedstates I am schizophrenic and can relate. Am I a member of a neurominority in your eyes? Or am I a pathological case for you?

@tan Anyone who identifies with the concept of neurodiversity and thinks their neurotype and/or mental health acts as a substantial vector of oppression is welcome! Would you like a discord invite?

@socalledunitedstates Great, so I am with you. But not on discord, I deleted that last week. I fought as a unionist in a PCB manufacture for psychic disabled people, they called it integration and changed the name to inclusion without any changes. I organized the election of the workers' council. It is exhausting to discuss with normopaths the time coworkers spend on the toilet, let alone a rise of wage...

@socalledunitedstates i think we need more activism that addresses poor people who dont work as well, esp disabled ppl, so if we can explicitly include that im in

@nohomosuperior We haven't established yet whether we're going to include neurotypical people with physical disabilities yet. We may decide to just focus on neurodiversity and let people with disabilities organize for themselves

That kinda discussion will be had later on, right now we're just focused on getting enough people together to agree on points of unity and start to get organized

Would you like an invite?

@socalledunitedstates alright, im unable to work so it will probably be irrelevant for me thanks

@nohomosuperior Oh, sorry, I think I misinterpreted the question! If you're neurodiverse you're welcome, no matter your employment. We haven't figured out what kind of structure we're aiming for, but it probably won't be explicitly labor-focused

In fact, having input from people who can't work would be really valuable to make sure we have your interests in mind while figuring things out. Still up to you though!

@socalledunitedstates also just to clarify was that just poor wording or did that mean to sound exclusionary to physically disabled nd ppl? :p

@nohomosuperior I really didn't mean for it to sound like that, and honestly I still don't think I understand...

I just meant that we don't know yet whether we're going to be working alongside *neurotypical* people with disabilities. All neurodiverse people, of any intersection, are welcome to be included of course

I'm sorry, I might've been tactless with how I said it 🙁

@socalledunitedstates now im confused lol, ill message u on discord when i get home ok?

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