@socalledunitedstates i'll never forgive the capital-L Libertarians for ruining a perfectly good word

@balrogboogie Only in the so-called US. From what I understand, most of the world still reads it as "anti-authoritarian"

@balrogboogie stop letting them take the word

they dont have a monopoly on it, and like @socalledunitedstates said, its still not cemented outside of the US and maybe the UK? but the more actual anti-authoritarians use it, the less they can claim our ideas to be oxymorons

@gaja @balrogboogie Honestly the so-called US as a whole is a neoliberal Orwellian hellscape where they can keep us effectively isolated from the rest of the world, control the conversation entirely, redefine words, declare certain ideologies unthinkable, declare certain lies "common sense," and wholesale ignore or lie about historical and political facts from elsewhere in the world (and, often, from right here too!)

Not that it isn't bad in other places, it's just wild how brainwashed USians typically are. Europe may be just as much of a white nationalist dumpster fire in a lot of respects, but at least stuff like socialism and labor organizing are things you're allowed to talk about, and be relatively well-understood at that...

@socalledunitedstates "Libertarian"

they keep using that word, I'm not sure it means what they think it means...

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates

My dad is a libertarian. Or, like, a right wing anarchist in the pejorative sense.

I gave him a book by David Graeber and he loved it, but somehow got a very hard right spin on how he expresses what he got it of it.

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates

He loves Debt, but i haven't read it. I've only read The Utopia of Rules, but the book store read having a Christmas bogof sale....

@celesteh @socalledunitedstates Debt is Graeber at his most Anthropologist, he doesn't so much express his own opinion as he does construct a history. So I can see how you can take your own spin on it, as anyone can from any historical source.

I don't think you could take a right-wing reading of Bullshit Jobs, for example.

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates

I loved the Utopia of Rules so much it was disconcerting that my clever plan to lure my dad towards left wing anarchism backfired.

@celesteh @GreenandBlack My dad is a Fox News hyperconservative who's flirted with Libertarianism at points. At one point when he was over I told him that I'm a libertarian municipalist (which is kinda true, but I'm more without-adjectivesy)

I expressed it to him as "state's rights" taken to the extreme, making the government as small and connected to the people as possible. Described how worker's coops work, decentralization, direct democracy and consensus, etc

His only problems were logistical. "This sounds nice, but it'd never really work, because uhhh human nature." Just goes to show that most of the problems with presenting these views to people is the Scary Words

@celesteh @GreenandBlack Oh no, he does too. I didn't have enough time to deprogram that idea from him. I did try to stress as much as possible that worker's coops do exist, a lot of them, and are successful. I even pointed out that he gets his power from a utility coop. But he still just refused to understand how a business could work democratically, or that he might know how to do his own job better than his boss does

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates Here in Spain it's used as "anarchist". It's not the same, but I don't know what's the difference

@socalledunitedstates Low-effort trolling that will be surprisingly effective in that sub
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