on tactics, messaging, radicalism, gen Z 

We should start making a concerted effort to expose gen Z to real radical ideas. Not just the vague and semi-ironic "eat the rich" memes, not just the aesthetics that the punk movement showed are far too easily recuperated and commodified - real radical thought, the kind that permanently alters how you see the institutions in our society. And real tactics, too

The younger generation is more than ready to soak up these ideas, and as a movement we need to take advantage of that before their spirits get crushed in the mundanity of work and their aspirations get redirected into less threatening liberal ideas. We should be tabling at events like the climate strikes, offering free tutoring and studying resources at anarchist spaces, flyering around universities, making memes that appeal to gen Z while subtly exposing them to the thought processes and tactics of resistance. Let's not let this opportunity slip away

on tactics, messaging, radicalism, gen Z 

@socalledunitedstates I know people roll their eyes, but Emma Goldman and Crimethinc are good as hell.

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