I wonder what the fiction created by our grandchildren, growing up in a new world post-revolution, will look like

So much of what we create as a species is based on war and fighting, or is so inextricably wrapped up in authoritarian assumptions that it'd fall apart without them. This has been true for virtually all of recorded history, with the main exceptions being from people trying to grow out of and actively resist that mindset

What stories will we tell when we aren't constantly preoccupied with domination, war, or revolution? It's hard to even imagine the diversity that'll emerge from that

@socalledunitedstates trying to brainstorm a few here

- finding old things and exploring and fixing them (e.g., house on poppy hill?)
- farces based on misunderstandings
- physical comedies about trying to perform surprisingly difficult tasks, e.g., open a coconut
- natural disaster action movies
- exploration stories that describe imagined places and ecosystems and peoples (nothing colonial, just "hey here's some cool shit i found")

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