"No modern society should have a monarch" really shouldn't be considered a fucking radical suggestion but here we are

I've talked about this before but the level of propaganda here is astounding. I grew up in a nation defined by its resistance to monarchy, but when they told me that same country still has a monarch they just said "it's actually fine" and I never questioned it again

They really can make people think anything, huh

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@socalledunitedstates having captains of industry run everything instead of a monarch (plus captains of industry) isn't much more logical

@interneteh True, but I mean abolishing the monarchy is something I'd expect even liberals to agree on

@interneteh Yeppp. I recommend watching Philosophy Tube's video on it

Or just talk to @scottishwobbly or @GreenandBlack for a few minutes and they'll complain about it lol

@socalledunitedstates @scottishwobbly @GreenandBlack I mean there are liberals here who are infatuated with the royal family, but... Yeah I guess I could see this happening

@socalledunitedstates @interneteh @GreenandBlack the vast majority of liberals here are pro-monarchist even if it's "only symbolic"

@interneteh @socalledunitedstates I prefer the term ‘soft royalist’
example: my otherwise standard California liberal mom who thinks Europe’s royal families are cute and romantic and is mildly emotionally invested in them

@photophoregirl @socalledunitedstates seems they could be cute and romantic from afar. Like, away from government and working for their living


@interneteh @socalledunitedstates if there are monarchist socialists, there can be anything you'd imagine!

@socalledunitedstates I think you might be straying outside your lane here

@hope @socalledunitedstates I'm with you, Hope. Fundamental to my relationship to anarchism is a belief in a people's right to self-determination, and from outside a specific culture, tradition, and history it's not for me to prescribe what works or what is meaningful. Plus, we tend to impose a Western European understand of monarchy over the rest of the world when denouncing "monarchy" as a general concept, which is... not great.

@bedap @hope I pretty much just had Britain in mind, but you're right that I didn't consider all the implications well enough before making such a broad statement

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