Rough, depressing day so I designed some messaging as a fuck you to the system that's killing me

It's got little pull tabs full of links. Obviously if you use it (you're welcome to) you should replace the bottom 2 links with local groups of your choice

(and I know you're skeptical but actually our DSA chapter, specifically, rules)

More importantly, our DSA chapter is pretty much the only thing happening around here other than the free store

I'm glad I checked before I printed these. I was a fool and got 's URL wrong. Here's the fixed version in case anyone wants to use it!

Gonna hang some of these up this afternoon :blocblob:

First tab taken! At least first one I've seen - I haven't checked the other 2 since I put them up

Ignore the yellow idk what happened with my printer

Nice! I was suspecting this would happen

As soon as one person took a tab from the flyer, other people seemed to take it as "permission" to take one too. One day later and another tab is already gone!

Honestly if I hadn't seen one gone when I went up yesterday I was thinking about tearing one off myself to achieve the same effect...

Just checked on my flyers again:

The one on the bus stop has 4 tabs taken!! I may put more at other stops...

The one downtown was ripped off. I can be pessimistic and mourn the fact that it was removed - or I can be realistic and hope that one or two were taken beforehand - or I can be optimistic and say that technically that means *all* of the tabs were taken!

And the one at the community library is still at 2. But, someone took Green Wizardry home!

The last batch of pull-tab flyers went very well, so I replaced the Earth Strike link with and changed the order of things because I'm indecisive, and now I've got 10 more to put up around town!

Again, this idea and even this exact design (replacing the Birmingham stuff with stuff local to you ofc) are free for everyone to use. It's really surprising how quickly tabs get taken, and knowing that each one is a person who's interested in activism and who now has access to the resources to get started is awesome

@socalledunitedstates I'm shivering when I see that symbiosis website has it all: google, facebook, twitter, wp analyrics and other stuff. Wtf they need all of that

@socalledunitedstates it's by now way addressed to you, just sharing, yknow. Those things are not easy to change because someone put them there with some purpose (to track where people come from mostly but that's beyound the point).

@charlag Idk when I'll have the energy to really get into this so, @solarpunkgnome @RadioAngel I know you are both involved

I know I've brought it up with some of the people there before. The tech working group is still pretty new. I'm mostly doing primer work ATM, but I know there's been talk of migrating away from Slack and some of the other questionable tech choices that were made for the sake of convenience.

In theory, we'll have a fedi account soon, but I haven't seen any movement in the social media working group this month.
@charlag @RadioAngel

@socalledunitedstates What exactly do the tabs have? The letters look too small. :blobthinkingglare:

@rick_777 The digital version is above in the thread. It's links for Symbiosis, Earth Strike (printed literally the day before shit went down with it), Anarchy Works, the local DSA chapter, and a local anarchist space/free store

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