"Just go zero-waste!" is to environmentalism as "Just give up all the software you currently use and vet, hack, and troubleshoot all of your software yourself, building an encyclopedic knowledge of all the ways you're tracked and blocking each one!" is to infosec

It shouldn't be our responsibility to keep companies from stealing our data, nor should it be our responsibility to keep them from giving us plastic packaging. Especially when the alternatives are so inaccessible to the average person. Stop blaming the victim

You fight this by building alternatives. Open a zero-waste food coop that collects glass pasta sauce jars and gives them away to customers. Host a FLOSS fair at your public library where you install (and teach basic literacy on) open-source OS's on computers and phones. Don't expect people to go it alone and do all the work, we can all help each other

@socalledunitedstates I didn't realize that was a thing even. Special jars of some kind I guess where you live.
Where i live pasta sauce comes off the stove or, later, in these:
Or maybe you mean these
I have now found these too, but who would do that? realcanadiansuperstore.ca/Food

@gemlog @socalledunitedstates more like the jar you bought ready made sauce/pickles/jam in, just reuse it.
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