First off, a reminder that you don't have to be a member of the Sunbeam City coop or even our Mastodon instance to edit the ! Anybody who wants to contribute is welcome to :sunbeam:

That said, if you're not sure where to start, here are some pages/sections in need of some love:
• The food/farming page needs resources on goats, veganism, cooking, and food preservation
• The technology page needs resources on radio, and can always use more cool software (dat, for instance, isn't represented)
• The energy page currently has no resources on sustainable or DIY energy storage
• If you have a link you think is helpful but don't know where to put it/are too nervous to mess with the formatting, you can drop it on our link dumping ground page

:boost_ok: Please boost! Let's make our wiki the most comprehensive resource on the web :greensun:

Also, the wiki working group on our Loomio is open to anyone, if you want to discuss or call votes on major changes to the wiki!

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@socalledunitedstates out of curiosity, why not rewrite the "doku.php?" out of the URLs?

@socalledunitedstates do you need help doing so? if so, let me know whether you are running nginx or apache.

@trwnh Oh I thought you meant I could link them without that. The people in charge of the actual coding would be the tech action squad, there's a list of them on the wiki

@socalledunitedstates ahhh okay, understood now! i'll go bother them about it instead :)

@puffinus_puffinus how about it? who's in charge of the sunbeam city wiki's server configs? it should be trivial to rewrite the "doku.php?id=" out of URLs.

Hi! I can ask people with access to the server. I just work on the wiki admin side of things. How are you expecting to make links look instead?

@puffinus_puffinus basically to take the PHP stuff out of the links. here's an example of my dokuwiki, where i can link to an article directly:

Oh neat, okay. Is it pretty straightforward? And will it break links that are currently configured the original way?

@puffinus_puffinus nope! the links will be rewritten by nginx transparently. so for example, this


would turn into this


and loading either link would take you to the same page (displayed as the latter)

It sounds good. Currently, the doku.php bit is a little awkward. I'll get in touch with the people with server access. Are you offering guidance on how it's done?

@puffinus_puffinus It requires two things:

1) edit your server config as such:

2) have a wiki admin go to the admin panel > configuration settings > advanced > "useRewrite"

Nice, thanks. I'll pass it on. Thanks again for your help!

@puffinus_puffinus for reference, here's what my nginx config looks like. the relevant rules can be copypasted from the arch wiki!

@socalledunitedstates fwiw this is my nginx config (pic 1), with the indented part being taken directly from the arch wiki if you'd like to copy/paste that into your config:

@socalledunitedstates i'm interested in sunbeam city. I'm gonna start by reading through the wiki.

@abrahms Do you think instant messaging is the best place for it? I don't know much about it, but my first thought was putting it under the p2p section

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