It's funny how redistribution of wealth is considered The socialist talking point whereas real socialists almost never actually talk about it. Probably to further the misunderstanding of what socialism is and perpetuate the idea that we want things that aren't rightfully ours

Socialists want compensation for the full value of our labor, democratic control of the structures we built and use, common ownership of the bounties of nature that no one has the right to hoard, and full control over our personal property without restrictions on use, repair, modification, etc

All of those things *are ours*, but they've been stolen from our ancestors. We just want them back

@socalledunitedstates that is redistribution of wealth :p its what liberals do that is called redistribution of wealth that Isnt


@rekh127 Well I guess we let them take the term then, because I've never heard real socialists call it that

@socalledunitedstates I guess I dont know, but I also dont know if im a socialist, as a anarchist/communist, but redistributing the wealth is the whole goal of left economics right? Land is the base of all wealth, then improvements and tools like factories, apartments, transit, utilities, etc added on are human factors like education, skills etc. And we want these things held by all and not by their current remote owners?

@socalledunitedstates Though mostly the people who use the term are conservatives accusing liberals of doing it who then deny it, maybe communists should own it and explain why its a good thing.

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