Hey guys, Mastodon's format (where the person someone boosted from isn't visible, only the OP) is making it a lot harder for @actionweek to gain followers and activity than its sister blog on tumblr (72 here, 390 on tumblr)

Not that I particularly care about follower counts, it's just this is a cool event I'm trying to start and I think fedi would like it! But so few people are even hearing about it, and I think that's a shame

So if you could help out by either boosting this or the date toot pinned to the top of that account, that'd be a huge help! Love you guys :greensun:💕

@scottishwobbly Sure? But to be completely honest I doubt 10 people will look at whatever page we put it on before March. The wiki isn't a great way to spread news quickly

@socalledunitedstates i was thinking the start page but jah fair, tumblr is a good way for drawing folks in though? I imagine most folks on here will get involved whether they follow the account or not - I mostly follow the local tl tbh

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