Hey, captioning your image with a little in-joke for the sighted person you assume is looking at it is fucking pointless. Describe the whole thing, not just an out-of-context snippet, this isn't xkcd

I have to admit I struggle with how much description of an image is useful; I try to describe the same aspects I would try to draw a sighted user's attention to. I confess I do sometimes try to inject a little humor but I hope in a way that is as relevant to people who need the description as people who don't.

@anne @socalledunitedstates the image description should be equivalent to the image. what is equivalent? it depends on the context...

this is an article that discusses this:

Actually, even xkcd doesn't use alt text for the ester egg. It uses title text, which is a different HTML attribute.

Not sure about Pleroma, but Mastodon unfortunately treats alt text and title text as the same thing :/

@Wolf480pl Huh. I'm pretty sure the wiki calls it alt text. In fact, I think the title text itself has called itself alt text once or twice? Seems like Randall would know the difference

@socalledunitedstates which wiki?
From what I've seen, has always referred to it as title text.
Also, just checked the HTML source of the latest xkcd, and it's title="..."

Hmm... apparently Randall calling it wrong is a known issue:

@Wolf480pl I was thinking of explainxkcd, I guess I just misremembered!

@socalledunitedstates xkcd actually has full image descriptions, plus a text that is displayed when hovering over the image

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