Telling someone who's considering buying something that there's a free alternative elsewhere is direct action

Businesses with easily accessible free alternatives should not exist, and it's a failure in messaging that they're able to not only stay afloat but buy sponsorships for every fucking youtube video ever

I mean, Dashlane is a fucking password manager. A password manager! Those have been free for decades!

Spread the word about free information and free software and stop letting companies rip people off

I'd love for @switchingsocial to start producing sticker/flyer designs for people to hang up to start bridging the gap caused by advertising. Because the only reason people still pay for services that are available for free is because free services can't afford to advertise

By the way this thread turned into software really quick but the original sentiment also applies to real life goods. If y'all have food shares, free stores, free skools, time banking, makerspaces, tool libraries, seed libraries, book... libraries, repair cafes, bike repairs, brake light repairs, community gardens, free clinics, meshnets, etc. in your communities, find them and tell your friends about them

@socalledunitedstates ok but enpass is worth it. it's free on desktops (native windows/mac/linux clients) + a one-time payment for mobile only (20 passwords free) and does everything you could ever want (TOTP, multiple vaults, pronouncable passwords, etc etc), and it runs locally with optional backups to whatever cloud storage of your choice. i personally prefer it over keepassxc. but yeah dashlane and lastpass and 1password can suck it.

@socalledunitedstates just reading through these options felts like more of an information intake than almost any for-profit article, and I felt good about it.

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