i really want to bring some form of praxis in the "real world" in my locality but i have absolutely no idea how to

the local political parties dont do shit and the one "radical" union I joined (IWW) has never had a meeting since i joined in september

i am at a loss as to what to do

@cocoron Is there a FNB? If not, you could start one. It's not that hard to get people on board

@socalledunitedstates there is an FNB chapter, although they dont seem to have been active since 2004

might be worth looking into

@cocoron My local chapter had been inactive for a couple months when I found it, but I was able to contact a former member who still had the gear and get it going easily. Probably no such luck with 14 years, but hey, worth a shot

@socalledunitedstates do you have any resources for setting a FNB chapter up?

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