#XR Die-In at Worcester MA City Hall 

Chalk outline of my body from a Die-In at Worcester MA City Hall 6-9-19.

Extinction Rebellion 🐝 ⌛️ 🦋
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New appeared at Marble Arch site of last night: "From this moment despair ends and tactics begin. Despair is the infantile disorder of the revolutionaries of everyday life." Quote from Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution of Everyday Life, 1967

Extinction Rebellion Worcester MA starts now! It’s a gorgeous sunny day.

The Butterfly Rebellion April 17 Worcester Massachusetts Noon City Hall

April 15 #XR Global Uprising 

I'd love to make a giant butterfly for April 15 and flitter around Worcester City Hall. It would be 'fairy' provacative. So here's my plan: I make a large bird/butterfly winged creature with a 6 ft wingspan out of a bedsheet. and flutter it across the intersection of Main/Franklin/Church/Front Sts. around Worcester City Hall and Town Commons. Not stopping traffic but making liberal use of the crosswalks.

Vegans—Eat Figs! 

Veggies: Take a look at the minerals you get from eating dried figs! (see jpg). Figs have a decent amount of protein, 5 g protein per 150 grams (370 calories). But more than that, dried figs pack a huge amount of MINERALS that you would normally get from meat and dairy: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and more! Surprisingly, not a lot of vitamins, but a huge stash of minerals in a tasty high fibre package with a natural energy boost.

I bought some vegan fig 'salami' the other day (dried fig rolled and peppered to taste like salami) and got curious about the nutrition. Vegan salami tastes great by the way!

NSFW--Drool Worthy Bike 

I just ordered my new bike: the Public R16, Black. Quad Bikes in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA are going to put it together for me next week. If the weather is good, I'll be riding it by Spring Equinox.

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