This is – we're making a recipe to set up a community server provider, and cooking up our own dog-food by offering Virtual Private Server space.

We'll be starting out on donated hardware, powered by renewable energy, in Ashton-under-Lyme in the UK.

We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign shortly to make sure costs are covered for the first year – follow us on here, join our Matrix space!bDeUsKuqTQwBjBEAu , or look out for details of our upcoming e-mail list.

(PS thanks to for hosting us on here)

@serverscoop @pixouls community servers for mastodon servers? as in town/neighborhood/cities or community as in "r-lang data scientists" or "people that like emacs"


@emory we're hoping to be helpful for all of these situations.

"Springfield Server Collective" or "RLang Data Science Hosting" could use's tech/governance stack to start offering VPS hosting.

Existing community groups – and have expressed interest – could use one of those new hosting collectives, or use's upcoming hosting directly.

@serverscoop i did an ad hoc mastodon instance for checking it out and quickly realized i didn't enjoy configuring s3 and IAM for attachments and doing software updates i had that mastodon hosting system that dude hugo runs re-create `` for me but i forgot to export my detail/account/follows 😂 started from 0 again.

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