gelchair, devised and designed for you to wear all white in. i've just popped an aphex twin b-side into the tape deck. two heavy PSP's hang from your ears

gel has a variety of uses. for example, a gel can be used to hold weight. a gel can be applied to the body

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gels can be organic, ready for enjoying in your stark white home. step into the gel room and approach the bowl

don't forget your receipt. this gel is thick and coarse, for ease of writing in pens with clear ink

gels may be confusing, or even allowed to interact with fabrics. please be careful, or ask a technician first

consider that we are all gels, locked in tubes, slowly being pushed, sticky, into the cold air

when you touch a gel your skin protects you from its properties, benign or evil

gel cannot be branded, but it can be thought about in rooms without windows

the audio equivalent of a gel is a low rumble

let the gel pool on the ground before your front door, and consider it carefully before leaving and entering

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@selontheweb I hate how it’s like “almost drinkable.” Viscosity is wild ... gel makes me thirstyyy

@selontheweb brb need huge glass of water uggghffffff *splashes gel on face FUCCC THAT WASN’T WATERR* *single gel tear*

@selontheweb @EdgarAllanFoe ohhhhhh gel water... water gel... omgosh it IS both. At the same time. :blobpeek:

@EdgarAllanFoe @selontheweb so. Thirsty. All my life I’ve never gotten to experience thickened water? What is life at all

close up of wet face, eye contact Show more

close up of wet face, eye contact Show more

close up of wet face, eye contact Show more


slurping up the single drop of gel like a lady bug with a rain drop

Probably not. 黒蜜 (kuromitsu) is black sugar syrup. The dark stuff in that image you posted.

@yo better in every way, don't tell nutt i said so

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