there is a limit to growth

the earth's resources are finite

don't forget

i just read the ecomodernist manifesto and i'm STEAMED

imagine not using a materialist analysis for your theory of the management of MATERIALS

"Humans should seek to liberate the environment from the economy."

what the fuck does this mean

ecoMADernist manifesto rant 

"Climate change and other global ecological challenges are not the most important immediate concerns for the majority of the world's people. Nor should they be. A new coal-fired power station in Bangladesh may bring air pollution and rising carbon dioxide emissions but will also save lives."

i'm going to fucking yell

ecoMADernist manifesto rant 

"The specific technological paths that people might take toward climate mitigation remain deeply contested. Theoretical scenarios for climate mitigation typically reflect their creators’ technological preferences and analytical assumptions while all too often failing to account for the cost, rate, and scale at which low-carbon energy technologies can be deployed."

hmmmm... seems two me that you're stating that your theory is all MADE THE FUCK UP


ecoMADernist manifesto rant 

don't listen to these hucksters, these neoliberal scam artists, who want you to believe we can have all of our goody good treats and eat em too.

you CAN'T spend your way out of this debt crisis. you can't.

the answer is easier than anything you could have imagined.

don't "decouple" humanity from the environment, YOU CAN'T.

how about we decouple humanity from overproduction, overconsumption, overGROWTH

ecoMADernist manifesto rant 

Degrowth is the only viable solution. All the pie in the sky decarbonizaiton schemes require a SIGNIFICANT level of carbon output to even get CLOSE to viability.

the answer is right the fuck there.
stop making stuff. stop selling stuff. stop making people buy stuff. transition the "economy" to an "economy" of care.

you can't MAKE shit, to get LESS shit.

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