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Looking for book recommendations! I prefer ~200ish page reads. If peeps know of fiction in similar veins to the Dispossessed that'd be a huge bonus!

I've been saying for a while that the whole labor theory "every time someone gets a dollar they didn't work for, someone else works for a dollar they didn't get" narrative is outdated in the western neoliberal post-fordist world, and it's high time we switched our messaging over to Graeber's "Bullshit Jobs" narrative for our outreach

With the notable exception of foodservice, virtually *nobody* in so-called America is using their labor to turn raw materials into something more valuable. How much is my labor "worth" running a cash register? Doing inventory? Working in security? It's impossible to quantify, and "nothing at all" is a very valid answer

Most people have the exact opposite problem of thinking their work is worth more than they're paid. They think their work is worthless. We in the western world should speak to them, explain why that is, and tell them that a world without such meaningless work is possible

I describe my feelings this holiday season as "Sad Dance Music"

All it takes to do good is one moment of strength.

My new informal dismissal:
Step 1: Look Them in the Eye
Step 2: Raise free-est hand, opening palm towards Them. Spread finger tips slightly.
Step 3: Say the Words, "Think About What You're Doing!"
Step 4: Smile
Step 5: Walk Away.

My life always seems more miraculous when I remember I'm a just a City Ape.

Everyone is working for the weekend, let's start organising that way.
The famous labor poster:
8 hours for Work, 8 hours for Rest, 8 hours for What You Will
A new take:
4 days for Work, 3 days for What You Will.

White Culture is the expectation you'll be given help if you ask for it.

Yeah, I'm a radical.
I believe all laborers should get more five day weekends. Let's start with one every two months and work our way up from there. Managers don't count.

Neoliberalism is stopping at Star Bucks just so you can use the bathroom.

Violence, My Anarchism 

A Good Slap might have started a bunch of important conversations in my life. It also would have rooted me in the present and drawn my attention away from what I was worrying about.
Plus, it's my kink.

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Violence, My Anarchism 

A definite part of my anarchism is what my Heart refers to as, "Slap Right."
I feel one should be able to invoke Slap Right and get one good slap and one good reciprocal slap.
This is a serious matter and should not be invoked lightly.

From @kemonine

Private Internet Access (PIA VPN) is getting bought by Kape and the new owners have a shady past and have been known to sell user data.


One of my favourite pass-times is leaning against the back of pick up truck. There's something really comfortable about leaning against something with a little give. The sides of the back are also at a perfect height for me to get my arms under myself. Super comfy.

If you don't take the time to do it right you make the time to do it twice.

Watching old people use computers is why I go on my phone.

Hot take 

Side notes: I can't think of a better image of a dying country than a frayed flag flying on the back of a pick up truck.

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Hot take 

You, a patriot: put Blue Lives Matter Stickers on car, has copious amount of American Flags, salutes the Troops.
Me, a Patriot: calls Cops Bastards, burns American Flags, salutes Truckers.

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