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moderately warm take monday: solarpunk is thomas kinkade for anarchists

UBI take 

Bad news: the right has doxxed the leader of antifa. Worse news? It's Sonic the Hedgehog.

you can be an enby and it has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with who you feel you are--and I gotta say, you're cute

ICE targeted residents in Sunset Park and Harlem today—but were rejected at the door because they didn’t have warrants. Don’t make it easy for them, and give yourselves and your loved ones as much time as possible—know your rights.

some days you have be all like "who cares" to every single thing or object


⚠️ Attention everyone, I just received on my art account a phishing direct message 🎣

Please be careful and report to your instance admin strange direct messages sent to you by people you don't know.

to this day one of my favorite bits of performative word play was a blogger running for mayor as a self-described Venture Socialist



the Earth's rotation is slowing down and eventually we'll have to add leap seconds onto every day.

the solution of course, is to increase the rotational speed of the Earth.

We can do this one of 2 ways. We could use spaceguns to fire off mass into the sun in a westerly direction along the equator for a long time. The other thing we could do is drag the mountains to the seafloor, and due to conservation of angular momentum it will increase our rotation speed.

Or we could just add leap seconds.

mastodon needs to figure out how to bring back flash games and then implement them


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