anyone know what this growth is? its in Portland, Oregon, and the tree was transplanted here in the last year or so

my work from today. i learned to do a knitted patch to darn this sock, which is soooo much easier than the woven patches I've been doing before, and i made more progress on mending that quilt. 2/6 squares done. visible this time is another one of the holes in it

fundraising, please boost 

my friend needs something like $200 by monday to keep paying for shelter

i sewed the ends of the belt together to create a better strap for my . it's probably still a little small, but i hope it helps. and it'll be more secure than the braid i was using earlier

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just finished this belt, it's actually my first finished weaving! unfortunately it shrank waaay more than i expected, so it's too small 😭😭

patched a quilt made by like my great aunt or something today. there's 5 more blocks that need patches across the blanket, I'll probably continue using this space fabric, as well as possibly a whale patterned fabric i have. I hand stitched it, all through the outside using a ladder stitch. the seam down the center of the block is sewn with a running backstitch. i won't be going for any fancy block designs, just patching the weird shaped bits together into squares. the blocks have mostly been missing long enough that they don't have any batting, but the quilt is already quite thin, so I'm not worried about the difference. plus I've already been using it thinner than it is now since forever.

image 1: I'm sorry, this one has too much text and very confusing asterisks for me to be able to put an image description, but it's the instructions page

all the other pages have a pastel background and dark brown text

image 2: the title says "Joy" in all caps. below that is a cartoon illustration of three smiling popcorns popping out of a bag, with cheese, or possibly butter, and another popcorn as onlookers. below that, text reads "To enjoy something, I simply need to add joy to it. Joy is like butter - I can put it on anything and it'll make it way better. Today, I will add joy to everything, really slather it on. Today, I am the Orville Redenbacher of joy. And life's popcorn is about to get it."

image 3 and 4 descriptions in a reply, it's too long for one toot

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trash can, made from trash!

this is a coil style basket, like a pine needle basket, but made from plastic bags instead of natural material. gonna tag 1) because it's nearly Sunday and 2) cause I was working in this on last Sunday too, I think

invasive spiny bastards! aka Russian Olive, aka Elaeagnus angustifolia. their flowers are pretty though ig.

anyone know a good guide for identifying Oxalis species? I have some type of yellow flowered Oxalis in my backyard, and I'm curious to know the specific species

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today i was Adorable. however I spent 2 hours curling my hair so i can't feel my feet. at all

selfie, ec :boost_ok: 

permanently exhausted queer does makeup for once, takes selfie, posts said selfie everywhere

selfie, ec :boost_ok: 

I'm bleaching my hair to dye it green and I noticed that in this middle stage i look like an emo fuckboi



most of the sour taste went away when the lees settled, but GODS it is BEAUTIFUL

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video description: a person looks into the camera. over xyr face is a filter with a red d20, above the face it has a list of the six DnD stats, and below are three white text boxes. the d20 rolls, and the stats appear above xyr head. STR is low, DEX and CON are medium-high, INT is high, WIS is medium-low, and CHA is medium-high. No specific numbers are given. Below their face, the text boxes fill in with "Lawful Evil", "Tiefling", and "Druid". end description

food, alc-to-be 

experiment day 0. 2.5-3lbs raw honey, 1lb frozen blackberries, spring water to a bit less than 1 gal. D-47 yeast, but it didn't foam up at all while hydrating, sooo I'm mostly hoping that the raw honey has some wild yeast in it. will update at least daily for now. I've brewed rice wine before, but not mead. was also going to do an orange-cinnamon-clove batch, but we're holding off until it's obvious whether the nice yeast died, so probably at least two weeks

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