Animal crossings 


Lookie! Some how I'm managing to keep it alive! Maybe I can finally call myself a solar punk

work stuff 

"Well I don't think they got Bikini Kill records in small town PA record shops"

Oh wait, here they are.

Wallace out of Philly are incredible. I can't wait until I listen to them on repeat for the next week

I'm nervous everytime I wear this shirt to work. This morning I thought, "Fuck it, I don't want to work where this shirt is a problem."

I was handing these out at my local metro station. Everyone looked so miserable commuting to work.

It makes me want to wake up early everyday and hold a sign of encouragement for everyone.

"You've survived 100% of you worst days! You're awesome!"

I'm afraid that they'll just think I want something out of them though.

Rainbow Delimeters are cool and all but do you have Rainbow Indents?

I've been trying to find 🚫 stickers to slap on all those Gadsen flag license plates in Virginia. I think I found something better.

My spouse bought this hat for me at Target. Doing my part to counteract the rainbow capitalism.

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