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It is easy to feel like we keep losing but holy fuck, look how far we've come since 2015. Consent culture is mainstream. Ask culture is pretty common now.

The stigma of taking care of our mental well-being is pretty much a thing of the past.

Discussions of intersectionality, power, and systematic oppression are being had on late night shows almost every night.

I love that people are learning that boundaries are a good thing; that they create healthy relationships.

Maybe it is just that I surround myself with wonderful people that prioritize these things, but it really feels like as a culture, we're progressing towards consent, inclusivity, and acceptance.

It is easy to count each lost battle in this culture war and feel we're losing, but the truth of the matter is we're winning. We take two steps forward for every one step back.

Keep loving. Keep Fighting. These fascists are bound to lose!

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@sabogato I believe this very much as well. I know it's hard to believe in places where everything seems to be eroding fast. However, I think about the fact that my parents, less than 30 years older than me, were full of preconceptions, misunderstandings, or even just a total lack of awareness about almost every facet of my identity and mental health, whereas my siblings' children, only 20 years younger than me, know about it all already and accept them everything like it's just a given.


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@PastaThief omg the kids are alright. They're so wholesome, always asking each other's pronouns like it as routine as asking someone's name. It is so beautiful.

As much shit TikTok gets, they're using it effectively to spread libratory ideas like wildfire.

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