meta about Twitter and Mastodon 

Up to this point, I've been able to assume good faith with discussions on Mastodon. I hope that continues.

Even though this new visibility has brought in the trolls and people used to assuming bad faith in every interaction on a platform, I think the tools we have on Mastodon will allow us to continue to have an environment where good faith discussions are the norm.

As long as I remember that I have no obligation to follow or listen to anyone that shits in my cornflakes, I think I'll still have a good time here.

I don't need to argue with strangers on the Internet.

Boundaries are self-care.

@sabogato Decentralized Social Media introduces friction in contact/conversation discovery, which naturally thwarts people craving attention. It makes it slightly harder to find people to follow for everybody else but so far it’s been an acceptable cost to pay for me.
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