Why is there not an open source p2p streaming platform? Is it just too hard? I would think that for something like a twitch stream relaying would be something that would be possible.

@kropotkhristian I couldn't find anything in my 5 minutes of searching. There was the defunct BitTorrent live and some whitepapers describing systems. I guess it isn't an easy problem to solve.

@sabogato I know that libreplanet was just livestreamed using entirely free software, so the capability must be there

@kropotkhristian thank you for the tip! I looked into it and found a page describing how they did it:

It looks like they used an Icecast to stream it. That is a server/client system. What is was looking for was a peer to peer system where the stream is distributed by the viewers rather by a central server.

@sabogato There's Theta ( which appears to be varying shades of open source. The thing is that it's bound to a cryptocurrency as an incentive to share the streaming content

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