So... what's the federated replacement for Facebook?


I no longer use "private" social networks. I use public networks to find people then move private sharing to e2e encrypted chat like Signal. That way there is a clear demarcation between my public and private life. I'm done working for free to enable companies to profit off my private data.

@sabogato @thegibson I wonder if anyones considering a FB like federated implementation where the entire content is e2e encrypted to a group of keys that are your friendlist. Authing friends at first would be a weak point.

Yeah, it has. A search of "e2e encrypted social network" results in a graveyard of many failed attempts

For me, everytime I think about how it would be implemented, I always end up thinking that e2e group chats are good enough for sharing my life with friends. Not to mention chat is a much more intentional way to communicate as opposed to just shouting status updates into the void.


@sabogato @thegibson I completely agree. A big part of why I deleted FB was that reason, I only want intentional relationships, not passive ones based on what I happen to see. And it creates weird situations where you don't know what people know about you or what you don't. I discovered a little after I deleted FB that 6 months after the fact one of my best long distance friends didnt know I had become religious

@rekh127 @thegibson totally. I like to use the analogy of Facebook is like looking into someone's window but private chat is inviting them in for coffee.

@sabogato @thegibson and im not surprised it fails either, there would be some really weird interactions. Like comments on a friends post would be mostly full of comments you couldnt read, because your not friends with the commenter

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