it's easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism

@popefucker we need more art that produces a vision for the future, instead of ones that just produce warnings. Hope instead of fear.

Yea and there's lots of it! A lot of science fiction books don't present dystopias, they present plausible futures where life is better.

@popefucker its true on one hand, on the other hand I think it does represent a failure that there's not been a vision thats gripped the majority of people. Its certainly an uphill battle as so much of peoples art exposure is mediated through corporate money in the form of blockbusters, but this should be a mission call for all of us who consider ourselves spiritual/artists. Find new ways to communicate the vision to people in a way that resonates.

Verrryy easy to fail that way too. Hippyism was relentlessly optimistic and wildly popular, but ended up being packaged and sold.

@popefucker there's infinite ways to fails for sure, the project of generations before and generations after, but hopefully we can move the needle

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