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New intro post.

Call me hope. Currently live in seattle and work in tech. But want to do art and farm

Artistically I'm really into abstract paintings, indie games, nature photagraphy, poetry, classical music, folk/indie/post rock, arthouse films, etc. Not sure what medium I'm gonna work in yet really, new thing for me. Learning piano, painting right now.

Tech wise I enjoy homebrewing things, FOSS, privacy, etc. Reject smarthome, other corporate crap that doesn't really do that much useful, and mostly exists to sell you shit and steal your data.

Love gardening, and cooking seasonally, baking is my home turf. I brew sometimes, and enjoy coffee and tea, cocktails, and wine.

I've ended up pretty religious, go to an episcopal church, Jesus is my main dude, but align most with mystics from all paths especially hindu and animist. Dabble in magic, committed to entheogens as praxis.

Interrelated with my spiritual leanings are my political ideals of pacifism/anarchism.

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

starship troopers is real, uspol 


Would you like to know more?

calling it the feminine diminutive "corvette" implies the existence of some larger, more masculine "corvus," yes, a great metallic bird of chrome and steel, capable of tool use and construction, its gargantuan wingspan casting a silhouette of the chevrolet logo as it drops a ford f-150 from 1000 feet onto a paved highway to more easily feed on its shattered entrails,

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Is there a mass dm tool that lets me control the list so I can only Mass dm followers who don't follow new me yet, and people I follow who haven't accepted new follow request yet?

I wish my brain didn't do that thing where it compares my work to someone else's, decides mine is clearly Worse, and immediately makes me want to give it up.

Getting close to migrating this account to @hope find me there!

Wish the dad instance would show more pics of their sausages on the grill

Honestly ill have to watch this movie for real later it looks way good

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"Dont address me as Sir, I am the beast. I do not like compliments, dont try to understand" this line from La Belle et La Bete seems like it could come from several of our fediverse denizens.

pic of me in the hammock forest 

so we did a hike across the beach to the tide pools, then kiddo led us to the "hammock forest." just look at these trees. it's like they grew just to hang hammocks on. And the treetops rise up and grab the ocean breeze and sway your hammock back and forth. You feel warm filtered sunlight, the smell of warm pine needles and the sound of the trees swaying and the ocean waves coming in. it's so perfect.

breaking in half like the titanic and sinking as i realize the family is modern, downright newfangled, because there's people that aren't white in it

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breaking down as i realize that what's modern about the family is that there's gays in it

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if art's so real how come we still engage with reality every day

jealousy of trans women, appearances, transition & beauty 

Not subtooting anyone! Just realizations.

One of the things that's hurt me and made me resentful in my transition is, I wanted an experience that some trans girls report, of shedding a false skin and becoming a more beautiful self. Allowing a more exciting, magical me to be finally born.

It angers me that, socially, trans guys are denied this narrative most of the time. In subtle and also pointed ways.

The skin we "rip off" is already that of a girl, so we begin in a place of feeling guilted (overtly!) for "destroying beauty". Whether we're guilted from a sexist place of "but you're so pretty!" or a feminist place of "why wouldn't you want to be a girl, girls are so great!", it still can be like a harpoon in a trans guy's heart.


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