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New intro post.

Call me hope. Currently live in seattle and work in tech. But want to do art and farm

Artistically I'm really into abstract paintings, indie games, nature photagraphy, poetry, classical music, folk/indie/post rock, arthouse films, etc. Not sure what medium I'm gonna work in yet really, new thing for me. Learning piano, painting right now.

Tech wise I enjoy homebrewing things, FOSS, privacy, etc. Reject smarthome, other corporate crap that doesn't really do that much useful, and mostly exists to sell you shit and steal your data.

Love gardening, and cooking seasonally, baking is my home turf. I brew sometimes, and enjoy coffee and tea, cocktails, and wine.

I've ended up pretty religious, go to an episcopal church, Jesus is my main dude, but align most with mystics from all paths especially hindu and animist. Dabble in magic, committed to entheogens as praxis.

Interrelated with my spiritual leanings are my political ideals of pacifism/anarchism.

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true punks DIY. farming is the most punk thing. it doesn't get any more DIY than growing your own food

Is today vegan discourse day because I have lots of feels.

Stuff matters, symbols matter, ideas matter, space matters, time matters, you cant split the world and say part of it is real, and the other fake, or that part matters and part is a distraction. Its all an interdependent whole.

We're not a materialist culture we just pretend, we dont care about stuff, we care about ideas stuff represents. Status, sex, wealth, etc. A culture which cared about material wouldnt have fast fashion or such a reliance on IKEA furniture, wouldnt have shitty apartments stuffed in as close together as possible.

This is why capitalist approved religion condemns materialism, tends towards iconoclasm, disregards ritual and ritual objects, etc.

Oh that chill deep in my sternum and spreading through shoulders that came from nowhere just a cop behind me

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please do not make an app that could easily run on my phone 100% locally and offline require a login and access to a centralized service run by a corporation

it is annoying

that disappointing moment where you were going to mess around a little with your home server from work but remember you never got around to forwarding a port for ssh.

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Find a new hobby. Something simple, portable, and handy might be nice.

@cocoron can we block


my gender is half gandalf half granny weatherwax.

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