November 30 - December 1st

This year will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the anti-WTO actions in Seattle in 1999.

They are accepting submissions for talks and workshops!


just announced who will have tables at this year's event, Nov 30 - Dec 1st, free to attend.

Bitter Melon Botanicals
Black and Pink
Books to Prisoners
Center for a Stateless Society
Confessions of a Hobo’s Daughter
Conspiracy of Geniuses/Rad Care
Contagion Press
Corvus Editions
Demand Utopia
Detritus Books
Earth First!
Emeral City Antifa and Youth Liberation Front
Emergent Goods
Flat Chest Press
Gender Enders
Mark Funke, Booksellers
N.O. Bonzo
PM Press
Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club
Push/Pull Press
Rising Tide Seattle
Seattle Solidarity Network
Seattle-Puget Sound Socialist Rifle Association
Solidarity and Direct Action
Stay Safe Seattle
Stick to Resist
Sylvia Rivera Gun Club
Tacoma IWW
Tech Workers Coalition
Trifecta Poetry Project
Two Paychecks Podcast
Warzone Distro

Workshop Times and Titles for the

Saturday Nov. 30

10:30am – 12pm
- Building an Escalation Campaign
- The Sheer Terror of Holding on to Nothingness (Trace Fleeman y Garcia)

12:30pm – 2pm
- Anarchy in the SF: A Panel on Speculative Fiction with Nisi Shaw
- Navigating Anarchism in the Academy: Skills, Strategies, Emotions, and Destruction in Education (Bobbi and Eir)

2pm – 3:30pm
- WTO 20th Anniversary Panel
- Updates on the Clallum Bay Prison Strike

Sunday Dec. 1

10:30am – 12pm
- Indigenous Futurisms and Presents (Hexe)
- Flip the Script: Film History, Deconstruction, and Production Workshop

1pm – 2pm
- All Power to the People: Portable Electrical Supply and You
- Whatever Happened to Anti-Globalization? (John Zerzan)

2pm – 3:30pm
- Queer Wanderings in the Anti-Nazi Underworld
- Firearms 101 (Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club)

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