I'm going to be able to travel to in September for , "A collaborative conference about the intersections of radical bodily autonomy and biotechnology.​"

I want to present on how saffron has shown promise for the treatment of depression and ADHD, and how easily many people can grow their own. This is key as saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and 90% of the world's supply comes from the poorest and most-ethnically-violent region of Iran.

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Many of us involved in the conference want a world with open-source insulin, hormones that trans people can brew with pals in their kitchen, and prosthetics a disabled person can build in their home. Where people have the freedom to explore, change, and hack their body in the ways they find compelling.

If you share this vision of the future, please help support the conference,

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The keynote speaker for is going to be , who is part of Counter Culture Labs in Oakland and the project.

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@canary @raye naw, I’m out east in philly! I hope it goes great though!

@raye This is awesome! Really wish I could attend this, but I can't afford to attend things in my own state. Do you know if they will be doing this yearly?

@RadioAngel this is the first PTTAH, and my first time attending this flavor of event, so i can't say what the future holds.

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