Is there any list of absurdly productive food plants? Like if you only have x amount of space or can only by y number of plants, what do you grow to produce the largest raw mass of food possible

So zucchini is the prototypical example, right. And I know of a few others, like tabasco peppers for example

Tell me in the replies, what plants do you know of that make gardeners say "help, I have more x than I know how to deal with, can anyone come take some home?"

@socalledunitedstates what type of microclimate or gardening zone are you in?

@raye USDA hardiness zone 8a. I'm planning on growing in straw bale gardens to minimize labor

@socalledunitedstates I've been learning to grow beans to produce dried bulk beans, as once you get the hang of them, they can be very productive, but where I'm doing pole beans, I'd suggest a bush bean type if you are doing straw bales. Those take less vertical space and minding.

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