The canes in the backyard are starting to leaf out. I should weed the dirt here sooner than later and see if there is any fruiting-oriented soil amendment in the garden stash. These usually start making edible berries in later June, running into July, but that's been creeping earlier due to climate change.

@raye that's a lovely raspberry patch! I see some tasty chives, too.

@dthompson well-spotted! Chives are a good companion to raspberries, so last year I just hacked the pot of chives in half and planted each half right into the bed, and they turned into two happy chive patches.

@raye get some mulch cover for that bare dirt! grass clippings aka hay not straw and leaf litter do nicely, shredded paper ain't terrible. Grass is best done before it sets seed. straw needs nutrient offsets as it's busy soaking stuff.

@brettleeper last year I had nasturtiums growing all at the foot of the canes and they covered everything. I'm gonna sneak some late season onions in there too.

@raye little bit of composting brown matter is still a net positive but I shall definitely have to remember nasturtiums in the future as groundcover.

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