hi it's me.. idk what name i'm gonna stick with on here bc i don't like my old one but anyways. i use they/them & i'm big into (furry 😬 ) art and the circus aesthetic (not sure if aesthetic posts are as big on here as they are on tumblr). hoping to also find information about repair/tinkering/activism/self-sufficient farming/etc. & i'm really into computers and coding too but not to good at it lol. sorry for the long post but i hope i can enjoy my time here 🌞

HOW COULD I FORGET.... i really love my pet rats and if you ever want pictures of them feel free to contact me lol 🐀

@ratking welcome :D!! if you need any resources about repair/activism/etc. feel free to contact me & i'll hook u up! i don't know everything but i'm in a nice solarpunk server w resources i'd love to share

@orchid tysm! i'm kind of new to this stuff since i only started getting into the solarpunk community so idek where to start but i appreciate it :_gayheart2:

@ratking no problem!! the discord server i mentioned is a really good resource if you want an invite, & i can link you some fun readings if you have an idea of anything more specialized you're interested in!

@orchid oo i'll take an invite to the server! also i'm not 100% sure of what the terminology is for what i'm interested in is... home-grown internet?? i'd also be interested in stuff that's like DIY clean energy generators maybe (or maybe stuff like solar panels you can buy).. not sure if guides for that even exist lol

Spanky & Rascal welcome your rats to the instance!

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